Bad Faith : A Practical Methodology

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Traduit par Judith Strauser
Dessins de Julien Couty

9 x 15 cm

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“ When your arguments don‘t prevail in a certain area, shift the conversation onto another topic, closely related yet different, and where you have a better chance to win the other over. ”

Within these pages, you will find this and many other solutions, applicable to any kind of debate. Put it to the test without delay ! Bad Faith : a practical methodology is meant for anyone seeking to experience the singular jubilation of acting with overt bad faith; yet it is also for all who resent that keen powerlessness felt when subjected to the bad faith of others. It will be useful too for those who already use bad faith without knowing it : with increased awareness, they'll be able to choose a more mindful practice. In essence, this methodology is nothing short of a universal tool! It abounds with exemplary cases of bad faith, templates for behavior in every color of the rainbow. You will find within what it takes to stand your ground opposite a coalition of challengers; venom in which to dip the tips of your arrows. The methodology is as light as a quiver to carry, yet it packs the wallop of a bazooka.

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